The Priory open to visitors

The Priory opens to visitors. Opening from Monday to Friday. Currently between 10.00am until 2.00pm

The flow of people entering The Priory will be monitored with a queuing system in operation. Visitors are advised to limit the time spent inside inside The Priory to reduce the risk of potential transmission.

Following government guidelines all who enter will be asked to sanitise their hands. The wearing of face coverings is mandatory. The Priory will be cleaned at the end of the day. During opening there will also be the cleaning of door handles, chairs, etc.

There is limited public access to The Priory at the current time as we seek to keep all safe who visit. 

Photography is allowed.

We are living through a difficult time and we seek for those who wish to visit the sacred Priory Church to do so in a safe way.

Thank you for your support of Cartmel Priory.

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