A place of prayer
and inspiration

Welcome to Cartmel Priory

There’s a special feeling you get the first moment you enter a church. And with its 800-year-old history, stunning architecture and fascinating heritage, Cartmel Priory gives you a feeling that will last long after you’ve left.

Steeped in culture and rich with history, the Priory is found at the very heart of Cartmel village, surrounded by picturesque English countryside, and gives a warm welcome to everyone who comes to experience it.

Exploring the Priory is different for everyone. Some visitors marvel at the ancient architecture, some discover hidden mysteries within its motifs and carvings, others just sit and absorb the Priory’s peaceful atmosphere.

Over the centuries the Priory has witnessed war, peace, raids and ruin, but still remains a building of greatness and enduring beauty. A story 800 years in the writing, still being written today.


What's On


Worship is at the very heart of Priory life - Come and experience this living church in action.

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With centuries of history and heritage under its belt, Cartmel Priory has many a story to tell.
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Medieval architecture that stands the test of time, leading to exciting discoveries.
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Music & Bells

Experience the music and sounds that bring the Priory to life.
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VR Experience

Travelling through time with our Virtual Reality experience.
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