Virtual Reality

We’re very excited to say Cartmel Priory is now home to its very own immersive virtual reality experience.

Since its launch in April 2018, visitors to the Priory have been able to witness ‘The Young Martyr’ VR experience developed by Manchester-based creative agency, Holdens.

‘The Young Martyr’ transports you back to 1537 and the time of the reformation. You are immersed in the story of the Priory’s resident monks, who upon learning of King Henry VIII’s plans to send an army to Cartmel to destroy the Priory, made the brave decision to stay and do everything in their power to save their place of worship.

We welcome you to have a go on this unmissable experience and explore part of the Priory’s incredible 800-year history.

The VR experience is priced at £5 per adult and £4 per child (under 16). All proceeds will go towards maintenance and improvements that allow us to keep the building up and running. Additional donations are, of course, always welcome.